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Merry White Tree in the Night

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Liner Notes
Engineered and mixed by Nathan DeVore
Recorded at Iso Studios June through September 2006
Mastered by Mark Evans at Canyon Studios
Thank you Christian; I am thankful for your friendship.
Thank you Nathan; here is to many more hot days and nights together.
Thank you Diane; your passion with an exacto knife is unparalleled. See her art at
Thank you Trish; every day is a holiday with you.       Inspia Media
Copyright 2006 Kirby Heyborne

Album Notes
When I started thinking about a Christmas album, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on the personal and thoughtful aspects of the season. This is what I came up with:

"Wassail and Apple Pie"
I have fond memories of my mother in the kitchen making incredible dinners and delectable pies. At Christmas, she would make a delicious wassail that everyone savored. My mother is Christmas.

"Ring Out Wild Bells"
Christmas brings the end of a year. We reflect on important moments in the past. We devote ourselves to becoming better in the New Year.

The quiet moments of praise that we keep in our hearts are just as profound and moving as the ones we sing.

"Still, Still, Still"
I love winter at night. Snow brings calm and romance to the frosty months.

"I Heard the Bells"
The lyrics to this song have always moved me. Through hard times and struggles, there will always be the familiar sound of family and friends to comfort us. We are never really too far. This is our peace.

"Snow Falls Down"
It is hard to give when the recipient shows no gratitude. We should always be grateful and communicate our appreciation.

There is a quiet reverence shortly after the miracle of a child being born. Only Father, Mother, and Child are witness to it. The first time a family gathers together is sacred and beautiful.

"Merry White Tree in the Night"
When I saw "Merry White Tree in the Night" by Diane Packer, I thought that the piece embodied the simple stillness I wanted people to associate with this album.

May these songs find you and your family joyous during the memorable events of the season.

Kirby Heyborne - Merry White Tree in the Night Album Cover

A Very Cool Christmas Album

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