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Kirby in studio recording Ender's Game Audio Drama, July 9, 2013    

  Kirby Heyborne Target Black Friday Ads 2012

    Kirby Heyborne Target Black Friday Ads 2012

The Society Comedy Show presented by Davis Arts, Kenley Amphitheater July 21, 2012

Kirby Heyborne Nibley City Heritage Days Concert

Kirby on set of Client List a Lifetime TV Series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt

September 2018 - Jif Power Ups TV Commercial
Kutson Mattresses - Puppy Cuddles & Stop the Nightmares
Kutson - The mattress that changes with you

February 2017 - AudioFile Earphones Award

Four-Four-Two by Dean Hughes Winner of Audiof=File Earphoens Award© "Heyborne's voice captures the heroism that these forgotten patriots showed on a daily basis"

During WWII, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed solely of Japanese-American soldiers, became one of the fiercest and most highly Kirby Heyborne wins AudioFile Earphones Award for his reading of Dean Hughes Young Adult Novel, Four-Four-Two.decorated units in the U.S. Army. Finding a fine vocal balance between youthful confidence and understandable apprehension, narrator Kirby Heyborne completely draws the listener into the story of two Japanese-American men, boys really, who leave the poverty and indignity of the internment camps to join the army. In the battle scenes Heyborne's voice captures the heroism that these forgotten patriots showed on a daily basis. His voice shines even more brightly when describing the personal drive it took to insist that they not to be left behind when it came to serving their country and honoring their families back home. B.P. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2017] Read more and listen to a sample from the book!

La Quinta - How to Win at Business March 2017
La Quinta Television Commercial "Slide Redeem" featuring Kirby began airing March 2017

March 1, 2017 - AudioFile Earphones Award

The Ethan I was Before by Ali Standish Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © "A perfect listening experience!"

This debut audiobook will grab listeners' hearts and not let go. Ethan and his family have moved from Boston to Pine Knot, Georgia, supposedly to help his grandfather, but really to help Ethan recover from "the incident" involving his best friend, Kacey. Narrator Kirby Heyborne is extraordinary in the way he inhabits the character of 12-year-old Ethan, vocal cracks and all. He gives listeners the sense of eavesdropping on his innermost thoughts as he slowly finds his way back to the Ethan he was before. He voices Grandpa Ike with just the right balance of crustiness and compassion and gives tones of believable frustration mixed with longing to big brother Roddie, who had to leave girlfriend and dreams of baseball stardom behind. A perfect listening experience! N.E.M. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine [Published: MARCH 2017]

February 2017 - La Quinta - How to Win at Business
CA Lottery Commercial "Holiday Scratchers" 2016
Will Forte shout out on Last Man on Earth October 23, 2016
Awesome out of body experience: watching my favorite show The Last Man on Earth and Will Forte said my name!
1/27/2016 - College of Champions Podcast Interview

I had a great time talking with Tyson and Jeremy from College of Champions. Listen to and download the interview on the College of Champions website and on iTunes.

October 2015 AudioFile Earphones Award

"Old Wolf" - Read by Kirby Heyborne, winner of AudioFile Earphones Award, Oct. 2015

A stirring performance by Kirby Heyborne complements this thought-provoking exploration of nature's complexity. Heyborne richly captures the various roles and voices of grey wolf pack members. Through a deep-toned, slow-paced narration, he conveys the age Kirby Heyborne earns an Audiofile Earphones award for Old Wolf October 2015and wisdom of Nashoba, the old wolf who finds his role as pack leader challenged by Garby, a younger, angry, and aggressive wolf, whom Heyborne portrays with a stronger, faster-paced voice. Heyborne's versatility in pitch brings out the enthusiastic naïveté of 13-year-old Casey and the high, raucous cawing of Merla the raven. The emotional highs and lows in the characters' changing relationships are further expressed through Heyborne's dynamic use of volume. Overall, this is a beautifully intense and haunting listening experience. M.F. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2015]

Read review on

October 12, 2015 - "Keeping Up with Kirby Heyborne"

A feature story on the Digital Universe (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT) By Jake Healey

Kirby Heyborne plays Elder Calhoun in "The Best Two Years" in 2004. Heyborne continues his acting work and has expanded to include narration and music work as well.

In the 2004 movie, Son's of Provo, Kirby Heyborne plays a character with his name.

The 2004 film "Sons of Provo" contains a scene in which three musicians — Will, Danny and Kirby — struggle to think of a name for their band.

After much deliberation, Kirby suggests a simple label: "Everclean." He thinks his comment has gone unnoticed until a few seconds later, when Will repeats "Everclean" as though he'd come up with it himself. As Danny lauds Will's ingenuity, a visibly frustrated Kirby can only manage a half-hearted assent for the praise that should have been his.

Well-known LDS actor Kirby Heyborne portrayed the character who shares his name, and this scene is legendary in his house.

"It's my kids' favorite," Heyborne said in an interview with The Universe. "Whenever someone in our family feels like they're being ignored or they're not being heard, they just have to say 'Everclean' and we all know what they're talking about."

- Read the entire article:

September 2015 - CarMax TV Commercial, 'The Bright Side of Car Buying: Worry Free'
It's easy to act excited when you love your job as much as I do!
Kirby Heyborne CarMax Television Commercial. The Bright Side of Car Buying.
June 17, 2015 - LDS Actor Kirby Heyborne's Other Job as an Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator

“You know how when you’re reading a great book, you want to throw everything aside and just spend eight hours reading it?” [Kirby] asked AudioFile Magazine. “I get paid to do that!” -- LDS Living Magazine interview with Kirby. Written by Jake Healey.

Kirby Heyborne, an actor best known among LDS audiences for starring in The R.M., Saints and Soldiers, and The Best Two Years, has also been achieving prominence in another performance field—audiobook narration.

Heyborne, who has narrated over 300 titles (including Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Stephen King’s The Long Walk, and many works by fellow Latter-day Saint Orson Scott Card), was recently honored with Booklist’s 2015 Voice of Choice award. “This is a huge honor,” said Heyborne. “I love my job and am amazed that I get to keep doing it.” Read full article at

June 1, 2015 - Voice of Choice Kirby Heyborne

"I'm honored to be named 2015 Voice of Choice by Booklist. I love my job." Kirby

Why Kirby Heyborne? You need only check out the YouTube videos of the 2012 and 2014 Odyssey Awards presentations to understand the connection between rock-star narrator Heyborne and librarians. (Heyborne won both years for his narration of Daniel Kraus’ YA novels, Rotters and Scowler, published on audio by Listening Library.) At both ceremonies, he sang hilarious, original songs praising librarians. In many ways, these videos and this mutual affection speak to who Heyborne is: a multitalented performer with a great sense of humor who has the skills to connect with listeners even when reading disturbing, sometimes horrific, stories. Continue reading full article...

Feb. 2, 2015 - ALA Midwinter Award Winners

Following the recent announcements at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago, Kirby has four Audiobook performances seclected for awards.

The Madman of Piney Woods was named an ALSC Notable Children’s Recording. In the words of the ALSC committee: “J.D. Jackson and Kirby Heyborne superbly tell the story of two boys, one the descendant of slaves and the other of Irish immigrants, in this companion book to Elijah of Buxton.” You can read more about the ALSC Notable Awards here.

Three recordings were chosen as a YALSA Amazing Audiobook –

Skink was named a YALSA Amazing Audiobook AND it was in the “Top Ten” selection. "Terrific!" In the words of the YALSA committee: “Heyborne narrates this audiobook flawlessly, coupling a wide range of character voices with an appropriate amount of intensity and humor.”

Hollow City – "Heyborne’s superb narration captures the children’s terror and determination as they continue their quest, despite the monstrous creatures that pursue them."

Noggin – "The standout of this narration is how Heyborne excels at conveying the quiet, tender moments of Travis’ story."

Read more about the YALSA Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults Awards here.

See the full list of Listening Library’s ALA Award Winners here.

Winners of 1st Annual Voice Arts™ Awards Announced And Celebrated At New York Gala

By John Florian, VoiceOverXtra, Story and Event Photos - 11/10/2014
(New York) - Ever evolving, the voice over industry reached a significant milestone here Sunday night with presentations of the 1st Annual Voice Arts™ Awards, honoring and celebrating best work and achievements in voice over talent, production and other aspects of the voice over business.

Scowler by Daniel Kraus (Listening Library)
Artist’s Name: Kirby Heyborne
Producer: Kelly Gildea

Read more....

Dish Network Hopper TV Spot

"Tantrum" —

Kirby Wows Librarians with a Rap Song! Say What?
ALA Annual Awards and Conference

"'Ain’t Nobody Change the World Like a Librarian,' will surely go down in ALA Annual history as one of the best surprise moments experienced by a crowd of librarians...." Read full article and watch the FULL VIDEO on the Books on Tape website.

If you're looking for the lyrics, this is your lucky day! Click this link (LYRICS, CLICK HERE) and you shall have them!

July 5, 2014 - Santa Clarita Americana FolkFest

Kirby has been invited to MC and perform as a solo artist at the 1st Annual Santa Clarita Valley Americana FolkFest July 5, 2014 — 5:00-10:00 pm.

Music by 4 Fantastic Bands:
Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements
John Zipperer & Friends
Modal Tease String Band
MC & Solo Artist: - Actor & Musician: Kirby Heyborne
For more information please see the Americana FolkFest event page on facebook.

June 27, 2014 - Kirby Sings The National Anthem at Dodger Stadium — Watch the Full Performance!

The event, known as "Mormon Night," is the longest-running community event held by the Dodgers, and has gone on for more than 25 years. As part of the game's opening ceremony was beloved LDS actor Kirby Heyborne, who sang the national anthem with Eric Christiansen.

June 23, 2014 Audio Month Q&A with Kirby

"Today I’m very pleased to welcome one of my favorite audiobook narrators to The Reading Date! Kirby Heyborne is an award-winning narrator of over 200 audiobooks, and chances are you’ve listened to at least one of them. He took time out of the recording booth to answer some questions about his very interesting job....." Follow this link to read the Q&A and enter to win a Kirby Heyborne-narrated audiobook:  Audio Month Q&A and Giveaway with Narrator Kirby Heyborne

2014 ALA Odyssey Award Goes to....

ALA Odyssey AwardSCOWLER by Daniel Kraus! The dream team of star narrator Kirby Heyborne and producer Kelly Gildea previously won the Odyssey Award in 2012 for Kraus’ Rotters. Listeners who loved that complex and creepy family drama, will get a thrill out of Kraus’ latest bone-chilling story. Leave the lights on for this listen!

2014 Odyssey Award
Sponsored by Booklist and administered by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), this annual award is given to the producer of the best English-language audiobook produced for children and/or young adults.

Scowler by Daniel Draus, Read by Kirby HeyborneSCOWLER by Daniel Kraus Read by Kirby Heyborne
More Praise for SCOWLER:

★ “Growling, yelling, and whispering his way through this disturbing and unsettling story, Heyborne pulls off another winning performance.”
—Booklist Editors’ Choice: Audio for Youth 2013

★ “Listeners are treated to a stellar performance by Kirby Heyborne, whose pacing is impressive. He has an incredible ability to convey so much about a character through his choice of voice… In the end, what truly stands out is his nuanced portrayal of Ry, whose deteriorating mental state is at the heart of this harrowing, disturbing, and yet completely absorbing story.”
—School Library Journal

“Heyborne pushes the envelope in making Ry’s father a monstrous force that even the author may have never imagined. The result is a truly chilling, blood-drenched tale.”
—Publishers Weekly

Go Behind The Scenes: Step into the studio with Kirby Heyborne and audiobook producer, Kelly Gildea.

World premiere of The Moth & The Flame music video "Sorry."
I had an awesome time with the filmmakers and the band!
Much Anticipated, Exciting News -- New Song!!
Kirby has been working on new songs! Here's a sneak peak of a song called You and I.

"Inside" On Sale Until July 31!
Kirby Heyborne Album, Inside. For a limited time get the "Inside" album for only $10.99/physical CD and only $9/digital download. Visit the Kirby Heyborne Store page to see this offer. We invite you to check out Kirby's other albums and listen to samples of his music while you're there!
July 8, 2013 - Kirby Plays Lead Role in Audio Drama
Ender's Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay written by Orson Scott Card, based on Ender’s Game.

"Skyboat Media and Audible, the producers of all the unabridged audiobooks of Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’ novels, have announced that they will be producing an audio drama based on the book by Orson Scott Card... Kirby Heyborne has been cast as Ender." Website and full story at:

The audioplay will be released in late October 2013, will have a cast of over 40 actors playing over 100 roles. It will be directed by Gabrielle de Cuir and produced at Skyboat Media by Stefan Rudnicki. All this brought to you by publisher

Kirby Heyborne in Skyboat Studios recording the Ender's Game Alive Audio Drama for
Photo by Alex Linares

See Skyboat Media's Facebook page for full cast info, some fun behind the scenes photos and videos of the production, and release date of Ender's Game Alive audio drama.

June 25, 2013 - Kirby Narrates Jim Henson Biography
Kirby is the voice of the new Jim Henson biography by Brian Jay Jones for Books on Tape! The audiobook will be released on September 24, 2013. (You can pre-order now at

"All done! What a great book! Thanks Books on Tape, Random House Audio, Brian Jay Jones, and Aaron Blank!" ~ Kirby

The New York Daily Times
BY Alexander Nazaryan
"Gone Girl," Gillian Flynn: The year's best thriller is capably narrated in tag-team fashion by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne.
Kirby Heyborne Guest Hosts on Good Things Utah!
Kirby in the kitchen making Black Eyed Peas with Gretchen.
Kirby Shows Up For a Chat On The Daily Dish
KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City -- Actor Kirby Heyborne joined us on The Dish to talk about his year in entertainment.
November 12, 2012
Target Holiday Commercials 2012: "Duets"
See original article at:

This Wednesday, Target is debuting its new cast of holiday characters in ads, commercials and online to get people excited for the upcoming shopping (er, we mean holiday) season.

Known as the Target Deals Duet, the irresistibly quirky singing-and-saving duo appears at moments when guests are making their most important gift-giving decisions.

Similar to many Target guests, the Target Deals Duet are sale-obsessed and not afraid to shout (well, sing) it from the rooftops. They communicate through song, verse and Christmas carols, of course.

Just think of the Target Deals Duet as livelier Jiminy Crickets—a shopping conscience steering you in the right direction and shining a light on savings through (witty) words of wisdom.

While the Target Deals Duet may be invisible to the other characters in the holiday campaign—mom studying the Weekly Ad in prep for Black Friday; teens planning a doorbusting night out; dad scrambling for last-minute gifts—you as a viewer can’t (and won’t want to) miss these charming carolers in key moments throughout the season.

Watch the second in the Target "Duets" Campaign: Gifts for You, Gifts for Me -

See original article at:
October 29 - Q&A w/USA TODAY
Q&A with USA Today about 'Gone Girl', an Audiobook narrated by Kirby Heyborne and Julia Whelan
by Zack Smith, guest blogger for Pop Candy.
I got sucked in big-time this past summer by Gillian Flynn's nail-biting thriller Gone Girl, the tale of a wife who disappears in a marriage that's gone very wrong. Listen to a sample, click here.
Gone Girl Audiobook

To give myself something to do at the gym (and keep myself from flipping to the end), I downloaded the audiobook version from Audible. The result literally kept me up, and got me thinking – what's it like to create an audiobook? I caught up with the actors who brought Nick and Amy Dunne's marriage to life, Kirby Heyborne and Julia Whelan, to found out about the hard work and challenges that come with putting an audiobook together.

Q:   Gone Girl the book is a huge hit, and the audiobook has been a big seller on Audible. What was it like to work on this project? What was your initial reaction to reading the book?
A:   Kirby: I was drawn in immediately to this story. On the first page, Nick fantasizes about opening Amy's skull so he can sift through her thoughts. The question, "What are you thinking Amy?" set up Nick perfectly. I knew then where Nick was coming from and I tapped into the part of me that marvels at the wonders of women. They are a delicate, important, and confusing species. Case in point – how does Gillian Flynn know so intimately the thoughts, feelings, and insecurities of men like Nick and me?
A:   Julia: My initial reaction to reading the book was that I couldn't believe how lucky I was that producer Kelly Gildea had given it to me. I couldn't wait to get into the studio. Also, I was a bit crunched for time when I sat down to prep it, so the plan was to annotate and prep my chapters and skim Kirby's, but that proved impossible. I was hooked from the beginning.

Q:   What's the process of creating an audiobook like?
A:   Julia: When something is as well written as Gone Girl, it almost makes it harder to narrate, because you wonder what you could possibly add to the telling. But, as difficult as it is for a narrator, I think it's harder on the author. I write myself, and I can't imagine anyone else reading my work out loud. Some authors get freaked out by it, and understandably.
A:   Kirby: Once I receive the manuscript, I spend a few days reading and taking notes on characters and tone. Then I go into the studio and dive into the author's world. The days are long and physically and emotionally exhausting.

Q:  Do you find people recognizing your voices from audiobooks when you're doing something like trying to order pizza or calling tech support, you know, "I know that voice from somewhere...?"
A:   Julia: An old college classmate contacted me after his mom, who loves crime fiction and especially Gillian Flynn, gave him the audiobook. He was shocked to hear my voice, because he didn't even know I had started doing this job. But no, no one "on the street," per se, has recognized me.
A:   Kirby: My wife is the only one who recognizes my voice when I call. It might be because of caller ID though…

Read Entire Q&A Interview, Click here!
"Krampus the Yule Lord" by Brom
I loved narrating this book. Here's a clip! - You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, you'd better not pout, I'm telling you why - Krampus is coming to town.

For all of you devoted Christmas music consumers and for those that didn't know I have a Christmas Album, here's a little promo just for you: You can get my Christmas CD, Merry White tree in the Night for 35% off from now until October 19th!

You will love this unique, very chill and relaxing Christmas album! It will be on your "most played" Christmas music list!

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Story by Linda East Brady , Standard-Examiner staff - Jul 18 2012 - 8:43am

Kirby Heyborne has already established himself as an actor, with star turns in movies like "The R.M." and "Saints and Soldiers." His is a voice that's familiar to many through his work narrating more than 150 books on tape, and from the five albums he has released as a musician.

But he's taken on the biggest challenge of his career since joining three others in the musical improvisational group The Society Improv Show. They are performing as part of the Davis Arts Council Summer Night With the Stars season on Saturday, July 21.

"It is one of the greatest aspects of acting, making stuff up as you go along," said Heyborne, a Wyoming-born, Utah-raised performer who now lives in Los Angeles. "There is no bigger thrill than getting onstage with an expectant audience, with no idea what you are going to do -- no safety net at all."

The Los Angeles-based foursome, which also includes Brigham Young University graduate Lincoln Hoppe, Californian Kelly Lohman and ex-Sandy resident Corbin Allred, do half of their show in similar fashion to the improv you see on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" They take a name, a phrase, a concept, and create sketches from suggestions by the audience.

But they close the show with a full-on 45-minute comic musical, made up on the spot.

"Duets happen, beautiful choruses, choreography -- all of it by the seat of our pants," said Heyborne.


The Society has its roots in an improv group Hoppe formed in Salt Lake City about 11 years ago.

"We met each other on the set of 'The Singles Ward,' " said Heyborne. "He had an improv group called the Skinny Lincolns, and he invited me."

They performed regularly at Trolley Square as well as other venues. Once the two actors moved to suburban Los Angeles, they found there wasn't an improv group in the area.

"Kind of as a service to the community, we started a new group. We've been going strong now in L.A. for eight years with this group."

Heyborne said he's spent a lifetime making things up.

"I'm a middle child, so I do that, make up stories. And really, improv is like any other muscle -- the acting muscle, or even literal muscles, like your abs, once you feel how it is to engage them, you realize, 'Oh, I've been using that muscle my whole life.' You just have to practice and learn how to get good at it, and turn off your filter."

By that, Heyborne doesn't mean blue comedy or bawdy lyrics. The Society prides itself on its clean show.

"By 'filter,' I mean you have to let go, shed the inhibitions of performing. Doing a family-friendly improv show is even more of a challenge, actually. If you go with swearing or blue humor, you can sometimes get the cheap laugh. We have actually succeeded in L.A. improv festivals where we are the only clean act."

And how does a group go about rehearsing improvisation?

"You rehearse by working on different elements. Maybe you spend a whole day working with how you construct good songs on the fly. What you do is you work on the parts of it that make up the whole."

In the flow

The show commences with Heyborne or Lincoln coming out to get the crowd amped up, and asking the audience for a challenge or two to get the ball rolling.

"So we do 45 minutes of little games -- maybe you can't use a certain word, or the actual lines are provided by the audience, and we have to justify those lines, or we get an audience member to join us in a song. Things like that -- I call those gamey games."

Then the quartet takes a break and returns ready to take on the musical.

"This is the most satisfying thing for me," said Heyborne. "You start with nothing. You do not know where this story is going to go. You will have to create songs on the spot.

"But what is great about working with these three players is, I trust these guys so much. The temptation with this sort of thing is to just go out here and say a funny joke. But with these guys, you can be patient. You know they will find what is really funny. We want to make a story people want to watch, invest 45 minutes of time and go on a journey with you."

Heyborne remembers a performance at BYU-Idaho where the audience had come up with a title, "Rexburg Love." A story of a girl choosing between a sweetheart and a scoundrel ensues. Allred's character was the good guy -- an endearing soul, as Heyborne put it. Heyborne is the jerk of the piece. Both love Lohman.

"Corbin's character was kind of dying, and I made the character choice to just let him go on and die, so I'd get the girl," said Heyborne. "Well, I went to pull the vest over his face to show he was dead, and the audience started screaming. I mean, like really -- 'No! He can't die!' I loved it, that absolute emotional investment they had. Corbin had made his character so endearing, they just could not let him die.

"It is so great to see that magic happen like that. Sometimes it is hard, when something brilliant happens, just to stay in character and not say out loud to the others, 'Wow! How on earth did you just come up with that brilliant stuff?' "

Read Story on

A Conversation with Kirby Heyborne
By Trent Toone, Deseret News
Published: Monday, July 16 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT
LDS actor-musician-comedian Kirby Heyborne recently sat down with Mormon Times to talk about his upbringing, his career, his faith and his family.

To see Kirby Heyborne’s eyes light up, just ask him about his calling as Cubmaster in his Latter-day Saint ward.

“I’m going on four years now and we’ve got a pack meeting tonight,” the 34-year-old said with animation. “Some people dread it, but I love it. I love the kids. Every pack meeting, it’s just me up in front, being myself, having a fun time. We do the cheers and everything. I like the improv aspect of it.”

A Conversation with Kirby Heyborne. An interview in Bountiful, UT July 2012
Entertaining the Cub Scouts was just one of several topics the actor-musician-comedian with shaggy blond hair discussed in a recent one-on-one interview with Mormon Times.

Heyborne is most commonly recognized for having starred or costarred in LDS-themed films such as “The Singles Ward,” “The R.M.,” “The Best Two Years” and “Saints and Soldiers.” The Sandy, Utah, native has spent the past eight years living with his family in Los Angeles. When he isn’t going to an audition or appearing in a film, Heyborne is usually at home, narrating an audio book, pruning rose bushes or spending quality time with his family.

Last month, Heyborne traveled to Northern Utah for a concert at Nibley City Heritage Days. Mormon Times was invited to meet with Heyborne at his hotel after the concert at 11 p.m. or at 9 a.m. the next day. When asked about it, he said, “I'm all hopped up so I have a hard time going to sleep. I’m funniest at 11.”

Nevertheless, Heyborne was just as engaging the next morning when he talked about his youth, his love of music, his faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his family and his career, before driving to the Salt Lake City airport for a return trip to Los Angeles.

Two role models

Growing up, Heyborne said there were two men who had a tremendous influence on his early life — his father, Bruce, and Ron Smart, his Young Men leader who later became his bishop.

As the third of five children, Heyborne came to appreciate his father’s good example and dry sense of humor.

“He was so funny growing up, a happy guy. I had such a happy childhood. He was laid-back, and I liked that and it influenced me,” he said.

Among memorable Scout camps and good leaders, Heyborne said Smart helped him to understand the gospel and gain a testimony.

“He’s an amazing man,” Heyborne said of Smart, who later served as a mission president in Oregon. “I remember his lessons on the Atonement when I was a priest. He helped me understand as much as I could as a 16-year-old boy about what the Atonement meant.”

When asked about Heyborne, Smart was just as complimentary. He spoke highly of Heyborne during his teenage years, recalling his leadership ability, his self-confidence, his pleasant sense of humor, his stage presence, his humility and a unique talent for making others feel special. The student-body president of Alta High School also consistently bore his testimony each month at fast and testimony meeting.

“Girls would do anything to go on a date with him, but would go out of his way to be nice to the girls who maybe weren’t the prettiest,” Smart said. “He was a talented kid, always a standout, but he was a friend to everybody and made sure all were included.”

The Dominican Republic

In his fictional movie roles, Heyborne served missions in Boise, Wyoming and Holland. In reality, he served in the Dominican Republic. What does he remember most about his best two years?

“There is not one memory, it just all bleeds together into one good memory of rice and beans, diseased dogs, burning tires, good friends and missing home,” he said. “I learned patience. I learned how to rely on my own testimony. It was a hard mission in every way a mission can be hard. I learned how to be strong in the church despite difficult circumstances. It was good preparation for a career in Hollywood.”

A degree in economics?

Following his mission, Heyborne started out studying music at the University of Utah and he excelled. But his father encouraged him to reconsider his course because “you can’t support your family with a music degree.”

He remembered liking an economics class he had and changed his major.

“I went from straight As to barely passing,” Heyborne said.

Although his heart wasn’t in it, he learned that in economics the data could always be manipulated and the only people who make money are the landlords, so he needed to own property.

“I learned that in order to survive, I needed to make money,” he said with a laugh.

A love story

During college, Heyborne married his high school sweetheart, Trish. They met in seventh grade and were close friends during high school. In addition to being attractive, she was cool and comfortable in her own skin, he said.

“While other girls would change to be around a guy, she is one of those who said, ‘I’m going have fun, you want to come, come. If not, I don’t care.’ Man, that was so attractive,” Heyborne said. “She became my best friend and was the perfect match for me.”

The couple has three kids, one son, 11, and two daughters, ages 8 and 3. Whether they are going to Sam’s Club or playing board games, Heyborne is happiest when he is with his wife. He says she doesn’t even get jealous when he has to kiss another woman in movie.

“My wife and I have a great relationship.”

Mother’s death

Cancer claimed Heyborne’s mother toward the end of 1999.

“My mom’s death was hard,” he said. “She was so young and it never crossed my mind that she would not be around to see my kids or the successes in my career. Her passing made me aware of being thankful for every moment that I have. There are times I think, ‘She would have loved this moment. She would be laughing at this,’ and I try to slow down at those moments and really take them in.”

LDS in Hollywood

Inevitably the question of being a Mormon in Hollywood comes up, and Heyborne is ready.

“People complicate it. I think it’s the same as being an LDS doctor or an LDS journalist. It’s no different from any other profession," he said. "You are either going to do it or you’re not."

Heyborne says he holds a current temple recommend and does his best to be faithful to the teachings of the church. When people find out he’s a Mormon from Utah, they typically ask, "How was that?"

“As if I once had a disease. How was that? It was fantastic. I love my religion,” Heyborne said. “You have to work hard in this religion to be a good-standing member and it makes me a better person. The older I get, the more I find myself willing to share it with others. I approach it like this is who I am, I care about you and this is important. Since I approach it like that, it’s been so much easier.”


Since his youth, scouting has been a highlight in Heyborne’s life. He even played the role of a Scoutmaster in the 2009 film, “Scout Camp.”

He earned his Eagle Scout award. His service project included collecting food and clothing and distributing the donations at an Indian reservation in Arizona.

Now as an adult leader, Heyborne relishes the chance to interact with the boys as they play with pocketknives and pinewood derby cars.

“I love those moments when you are teaching a principle and they understand it and they open up their minds for the first time: 'Oh, that’s how that works,'” he said. “It doesn’t get old.”

When it’s time to give out awards, Heyborne goes Bill Cosby and tries to get the kids to say funny things because their responses are absolutely entertaining.

Heyborne also strives to invent cheers that will generate laughter at pack meeting.

“Some fall flat on their face,” he said. “Once for the pinewood derby, one of the cheers was, ‘Vroom, vroom, vroom, there it goes!’ We stuck with it through the whole pack meeting. By the end, the parents were laughing at how absurd it was.”

Final thoughts

Ultimately, Heyborne credits the Lord for all the happiness in his life. When speaking to LDS youths, he encourages them to be faithful in living the gospel, to work hard and trust in the Lord's promises.

“It’s cool to be Mormon. Being a Mormon sets you apart,” Heyborne said. “Knowing that Heavenly Father loves me makes a huge difference. You don’t feel alone. Knowing he cares about me, that he will put me in the right places and will protect me, that he wants me to succeed, knowing those things makes a difference."

See "A Conversation with Kirby Heyborne" (+ Video) on

Librarians Love Kirby Heyborne and Vice-Versa

(Posted in Salt Lake City Weekly // 2012-07-09)
Utah-native actor Kirby Heyborne has started to make it in show biz. But his latest honor has a funky literary angle.

A key role in this year's The Three Stooges, building on his appearances in a number of national TV advertising campaigns, has Heyborne's acting career rolling. The highlight of his year, though, just might be the award he received at last month's American Library Association conference in Anaheim. Heyborne's audiobook performance of the young-adult novel Rotters won the organization's Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production. The recognition specifically singled out Heyborne's "versatile character voicing" as a key element of the award.

But Heyborne wasn't through charming the nation's librarians. At the awards presentation itself, he performed a special original song dedicated to librarians. Take a look, though -- the amateur video and audio aren't up to the professional standard of Heyborne's award-winning performance.

See entire post in Salt Lake City Weekly, click here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Odyssey Award Rocks the House at ALA 2012!
Kirby Heyborne’s ode to librarians closed the amazing Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production celebration at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference in Anaheim....

The Odyssey Award-winning title "Rotters" closed the program, with Kelly Gildea, executive producer of Rotters speaking about the process of creating the audiobook and Rotters author Dan Kraus in the front row. The narrator of Rotters, Kirby Heyborne, took the microphone for an astonding reading from the title, then closed the program with his guitar & vocal salute to librarians. Read entire post, click here.

Sunday, June 24 - Monday, June 25, 2012

Kirby is invited to attend and particpate in the American Libarary Association (ALA) 2012 Annual Conference.

Kirby Heyborne - Win a Ride With Mario Andretti Honda Commercial 2012

Kirby talks about his audiobook work

May 18, 2012 - Kirby chats with Kat on BTR about his about his voice work on audiobooks. You can listen to the podcast here:

Utah actor’s Hollywood dream comes true in ‘Three Stooges’

April 12, 2012 - Salt Lake -- Kirby Heyborne is living the dream — even if that dream means fighting Los Angeles traffic.
"I’m just so happy that I get to do this," said Heyborne, on the phone while driving on the freeways of Los Angeles. "I find joy in the 405 traffic, thinking, ‘I’m in traffic in Los Angeles because I was just working.’ "

Heyborne, who was born in Evanston, Wyo., and grew up in Sandy, has for the past 8 1/2 years been a workaday actor in Los Angeles, going to auditions and taking roles where he could find them. Before that, Heyborne’s face was gracing the DVD shelves of many Mormon homes — having starred or co-starred in LDS-themed films such as "The Singles Ward," "The R.M.," "The Best Two Years" and "Saints and Soldiers."

This Friday, the biggest role of Heyborne’s career will hit the nation’s movie screens, in the Farrelly Brothers comedy "The Three Stooges: The Movie."

It’s a career break that the 34-year-old Heyborne — whose shaggy blond looks suggest a younger, goofier Owen Wilson — owes to a beer commercial. (Don’t tell his bishop.) Heyborne worked with Peter Farrelly (who with his brother Bobby directed "There’s Something About Mary") on a Miller Lite ad.

"We fell in love with each other," Heyborne said. "Well, I mostly fell in love with him."

Heyborne knew the Farrellys were working on a movie reviving the classic slapstick of the Three Stooges, but thought, "There’s nothing in it for me."

"Next thing I know, I’m driving down the 405 and I get a call from Peter Farrelly," Heyborne said. "He said, ‘We want to see you for something.’ I said, ‘OK, Pete!’ "

Heyborne read for, and got, the role of Teddy, who grew up in the same orphanage as Larry, Moe and Curly (played by Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso). Teddy, the only orphan ever to get adopted from the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, is reunited with the Stooges as adults.

Heyborne is the movie’s straight man to the Stooges’ antics. It’s a departure from his TV commercial work (like that Miller Lite ad), where he usually plays the funny one.

The straight man doesn’t get much glory, but he’s an important part of comedy, Heyborne said. "The straight person may not get all the laughs, but they definitely are setting up the other person to soar," he said.

For Heyborne, who watched "The Three Stooges" shorts as a kid and the Farrellys’ "Dumb and Dumber" as a teen, working in a Farrelly version of the Stooges was almost too good to be true.

"If you would have told me when I was 14 years old, after watching ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ [that] ‘You are going to be getting a phone call from Peter Farrelly,’ I wouldn’t have believed it," he said. "It’s a dream."

Getting to that dream has taken plenty of hard work.

Since 2003, when he moved from Utah to L.A. with his family (he and his wife now have three kids), Heyborne has had a supporting role on a short-lived sitcom ("Free Ride" on Fox) and appeared in numerous TV commercials. The ads have had him tumbling down a mountainside (for MasterCard), stuffing a hatchback full of luggage (for a Mini Cooper ad that played during the Super Bowl) and dressing in a revealing Cupid costume (for T-Mobile).

"I just did a commercial with Mario Andretti, and I’m in a Speedo," Heyborne said happily. "I’m slowly disrobing. It’s all for the laugh."

After "The Three Stooges" opens, Heyborne has more gigs lined up. Two weeks ago, he filmed a guest spot on Lifetime’s "The Client List," a new show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a madam. (Again, don’t tell his bishop.)

He chalks up his success to his years toiling in low-budget Utah-made movies. "I got an education to be a film actor by being a film actor," he said. "That was my schooling, and I got paid at the same time. I learned the dance that you do with the camera, how to find your own light, how to stay out of other people’s light. I learned all that on ‘The Singles Ward.’ And with ‘The R.M.,’ I learned how to be a bumbling regular guy."

While acting in Utah, he also had to hold down a day job.

"I used to be a banker at Zions," said Heyborne, who graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in economics. "I would come home unhappy every single day. It just wasn’t for me. … [Now] I support my family and I get to do what I love."

Those LDS-themed movies also have given Heyborne a strong fan base in Utah.

"Who else in the industry has a whole state that’s watching, and in essence, kind of cheering," he said. "There are people who are excited when I do a little guest spot. I don’t know any other actor that has that. … It gives me some accountability. No matter what, I can’t give up, because I’ve got all these people back in Utah who are cheering and hoping and praying for my success.";

Twitter: @moviecricket;

See entire article on SL Tribune:

Red Carpet Interview - April 2012

PopStopTV - Kirby Heyborne talks with reporter, XiXi Yang, about the fun times on set of The Three Stooges!

April 11, 2012 - AudioFile Earphones Award and Editors Pick New Release-

A new novel by Anne Tyler is always a reason to celebrate. As always, her exploration of everyday tragedy and the way people learn to cope with loss is, at times, comic, wise, and heartbreaking. Narrator Kirby Heyborne inhabits the forlorn Aaron and his dead wife, Dorothy, with a searing depiction of middle-class America and the drama of how a single random act can change everything. Heyborne’s pacing of the dialogue between the main characters is realistic and emotionally engaging. The pain of Aaron’s grief penetrates Heyborne’s performance. The novel imparts the wisdom we all gain through loss, and Heyborne’s narration resonates with the listener long after the last words are spoken. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2012, Portland, Maine [Published: APRIL 2012] Read review on AudioFile Magazine.

April 7, 2012 On the Red Carpet

Kirby Heyborne attends "The Three Stooges" premiere in Los Angeles
Actor Kirby Heyborne, a cast member in the motion picture comedy "The Three Stooges", attends the premiere of the film at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles on April 7, 2012. (UPI/Jim Ruymen) Click to see photo.

April 6, 2012- On Air with Tony Sweet

On Air with Tony Sweet on GVB Radio-- Had a blast hanging with Tony Sweet and guest host Eddie Conner. Listen to the interview available on iTunes:
Thanks Tony and Eddie! @onairwithtony What a great show! You make the world better.

Kirby with Tony and Eddie
April 4, 2012 - Interview

Just did a fun interview with Joe Crawford for Remic Television about the upcoming Three Stooges Movie. (
Watch on Youtube:

April 4, 2012 -

Kirby just shot an episode of The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Look for it soon on Lifetime!

Kirby on set of Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt

Kirby Heyborne Profile Photo

April 2012 - Kirby Heyborne Profile in Audiofile Magazine April/May Issue

Check out the marvelous stuff on Kirby Heyborne’s Web site ( Scroll down, and you’ll find his surprising offer—you can get a T-shirt, an autographed CD, a private concert, a delicious Crock-Pot dinner, he’ll clean your toilets, and more for only $10,000. And he’s the kind of person who’d enjoy it all. But not as much as narrating audiobooks!

Kirby Heyborne likens the excitement he gets from narrating audiobooks to Christmas. It starts when he gets an invitation from a publisher and thinks, “I can’t believe they want me!” That’s heightened by opening a manuscript few people have read. “You know how when you’re reading a great book, you want to throw everything aside and just spend eight hours reading it? I get paid to do that!”

What could be better? Maybe it’s when he goes beyond understanding how the main character thinks and believes, and knows what he sounds like. He definitely had that experience portraying Boggs, the chilling villain from Daniel Kraus’s Rotters, the audiobook for which Heyborne just won the Odyssey Award. “I felt so shaky doing someone who’s so far from what I am. I knew what he sounded like in my head, and I knew who he was, but when I read live on the mic, and he came out, it was a scary moment— like ‘This is him!’”

Heyborne grew up with book-loving parents, especially his father, who turned him on to Stephen King’s The Stand when he was 14. It’s still one of his favorite books; he still thinks about the characters, and when he narrated King’s The Long Walk three years ago, “It was like a dream come true. But nothing matches the experience of narrating when you are the character.”

The range of Heyborne’s recordings is wide in genre, but his favorite books of all are young adult novels. “Every young adult book that I get—and I’m fortunate that’s the majority of those I get—is a literary masterpiece. They’re not watered down; they treat the kids intelligently, and they don’t try to be hip. They’re genuine.”

YA literature is a perfect fit for Heyborne, who believes the most important thing he’s learned from narrating is the importance of being genuine. “The minute you don’t care about what you’re doing, people know it, and this especially comes out in audiobooks. Doing a great Scottish accent isn’t as important as finding the real voice of the character.” Heyborne’s career has snowballed. First, he did a book every six months, then every two months, and then every month. “Now I’m constantly doing a book. I’m in the position where I can turn down a book, but I love narrating so much, I don’t know if I’ll ever say no. It would be like saying no to Christmas.”—Susie Wilde

(Original Article can be found in Audiofile Magazine April/May issue (

Rotters written by: Daniel Kraus  Read by Kirby Heyborne Image
Daniel Kraus
Read by Kirby Heyborne
His mother’s untimely death forces 16-year-old Joey Crouch to travel from Chicago to a small town in Iowa to l i ve wi th Harnett, the father he has never known. Incessantly bullied by teachers and students, Joey discovers the awful truth behind the foul odor that permeates the shack he shares with Harnett. Far from being the “Garbage Man’s” son, as his classmates believe, Joey learns that he is heir to the ancient tradition of grave robbing. Kirby Heyborne expertly plumbs the depths of Joey’s despair and growing fascination with the grotesque trappings of his new occupation. As Heyborne relentlessly draws the listener into the ghastly details of the grave, he creates distinctive, bone-chilling voices for Harnett, the evil Boggs, and the community of diggers in this shocking YA novel. S.G.

Listening Library 16.5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CDISBN 9780449014950 $55.00 (also DD) Library Ed.: CDISBN 9780307941824 $65.00

"Heyborne relentlessly draws the listener into the ghastly details."
March 2-3, 2012-- Shooting a Honda Commercial with none other than MARIO ANDRETTI!
Here we are on location.
Kirby Heyborne and Mario Andretti on location filming a Honda commercial
February 2012--

Kirby Garners 3 AudioFile Earphones Awards!
Rotters written by: Daniel Kraus
Kirby Heyborne expertly plumbs the depths of Joey's despair and growing fascination with the grotesque trappings of his new occupation. He relentlessly draws the listener into the ghastly details of the grave while creating distinctive, bone-chilling voices for Harnett, the evil Boggs, and the community of diggers in this shocking YA novel.

Stay Awake written by critically acclaimed novelist, Dan Chaon
Kirby Heyborne Earns AudioFile Earphones Award for Narration of STAY AWAKE: Stories by critically acclaimed novelist, Dan Chaon. "This is one of those books that is more effective in audiobook form because of its first-rate narration—this one by Kirby Heyborne. He employs a calm, measured delivery to elicit that pleasurable queasy feeling in the pit of the stomach."

Almost Perfect by: Brian Katcher
Kirby Heyborne’s performance of ALMOST PERFECT is perfect. He nails each character and delivers raw emotion without drawing attention to the performance itself....Heyborne voices Logan’s feelings of betrayal, and near-violent revulsion, with hair-raising believability.
February 2012-- T-Mobile Commercial

Look who's playing Cupid and wearing a toga...

Jan 2012 -- "The Oscars of Audiobooks"--

The 2012 Odyssey Award for the best audiobook for children and/or young adults is won by ROTTERS by Daniel Kraus, read by Kirby Heyborne, directed by Jessica Kaye, and produced by Kelly Gildea, published last April by Audio’s Listening Library imprint. The prize is given jointly by ALA’s Association for Library Service to Children and the Young Adult Library Services Association. "Kraus's excellent text is complemented by Kirby Heyborne's expert narration that takes this terrific tale to a whole new level." (Phyllis Levy Mandell -School Libary Journal, January 23, 2012)

December 7, 2011- Official Movie Trailer for The Three Stooges Movie!

September 26, 2011- I stopped by Stooge Headquarters to have a chat with Executive Producer and C3 President, Earl Benjamin about my role as Teddy in the Farrelly Brothers' new film, The Three Stooges Movie.

Watch for The Three Stooges in theaters April 4, 2012!

June 2011- I am currently working on the Farrelly brothers' new comedy, "The Three Stooges".

I was recently interviewed by Frank Block Have a listen on his website, or download it as a free podcast from iTunes.

October 17, 2010--

Koncert with Kirby Heyborne by Katelynn SumkoThanks to Sam King, this last Thursday, Campus Plaza got a private concert in the lounge.... read more.

February 2, 2010

"Kirby Heyborne... The 21st Century Paul Simon" An interview with Kirby by Darlene Blair. Published on the music blog: The World As I Der See It!

February 6, 2010-

Interview on Linescratchers. (Linescratchers is made by an LDS musician for LDS musicians.) "It’s hard to believe that someone as laid-back and cheerful as Kirby..." Read more.


My fourth solo album titled, "The Elm Tree" is in stores now! It has 10 original songs and includes appearances by Ryan Shupe and his amazing violin, renowned trumpeter, Chris Lane, and a duet with the uber-talented Trish Heyborne. I am really proud of this album.

"The Elm Tree" honors the life and strengths of my mother and others close to me who have so bravely battled with cancer. In addition to honoring them with music, I am donating $1 from every CD to the Hunstman Cancer Foundation for cancer research. (You can read more about the inspiration for this album in my blog.)

What People Are Saying... "I love it. Your sound is soothing, inspirational, flowing. Your sound is a combination of Dylan, Taylor, Stevens and Lennon. The words are so visual the pictures they paint in the mind are as clear as a morning after a summers rain. Will be buying more. Thank you"
Darlene - The World As I Der See It

"You bring such a great spirit to your songs and every time I listen to your music... I feel inspired to better myself... When I'm feeling down they will make me feel better again ..."

"If you get the chance to see him perform, GO. You will not be disappointed."

"Kirby your concert tonight rocked my socks off!"

"I can't decide which I enjoyed more, your sidesplitting stories, your fabulous vocal/instrumental skills or your friendly down to earth personality."

"I have one recommendation--encourage all Kirby fans to keep up to date on his mailing list so you don't miss the next Kirby concert in your area--it was an uplifting, life-altering event for all who were there!"

"...your songs have touched my heart.... You are an amazing singer..."

Kirby's Spectacular Offering of Marvelous Stuff!

Writing songs, singing, drawing, eating, private concerts... it's all Marvelous Stuff! Click right here to find out more!
Kirby's Spectacular Offering of Marvelous Stuff!

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