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The Elm Tree       Braver Days       Merry White Tree In the Night

Night Begins
Night begins her melody slowly turning her face towards me.
Her silent shadows confuse my view. Two satin moondrops: won white, one blew.
And I love you. I love you.
As we row, hands and arms touch and bend, down two rivers: two crossed, two have ends
They flow from the spring thirsting the sea. Through rapids o'er cliffs to calm peacefully.
To the night that blankets my dim-lit view, never mind the light blind me wholly I'll follow you.
Oh Night! Burn my eyes lift lips mine to you.

Won't Get No Lovin'
Don't try to touch me I can see in your eyes
Your harmful intentions and polished lies.
Why do your brown eyes make me so blue?
When I won't get no lovin' from you.
You're complicated and I don't understand
Why you'd want to run away with some half-baked man.
Why should I follow you when I know just what you'll do?
And I won't get no lovin' from you.
All the lies that compromise your perfection.
You don't know what it's like to not get your way.
Take a good look at this man 'cause he's walking, returning the pain that you're due.
You won't get no lovin, no kissin, no huggin, no diamonds and no honeymoon.
Why do you act surprised after all you put me through?
I won't get no lovin, don't need no lovin, don't want no lovin from you.
No matter what I do, I wonít get no lovin from you.

snow falls. every breath is cold.
i stumble from the shadows and into the hope of another life.
it's only white. daughter of earth is singing
compliments are fragile, heavy from the lonely i think of you
and now this time is sleeping.
holding a smile, can't keep from laughing
watching the sun, i wonder why
everything's quiet. even the light stopped breathing.
i'm drowning in the moment, poisoned by the wanting to be with you.
maybe you're right. i know that i let you down.
i'm trying to recover all the smiling pieces they took from me.
and now my mind is bleeding.
holding a smile, can't keep from laughing
watching the sun, i wonder why
i am alone in this moment of seeking.
i canít believe that i can breath, and i die.
i never knew home could be so lonely.
i never wanted to let you down.
beaten by anger, i breathe in the warm light
torn by the echo sound, i let my defenses down.
i'm not a martyr but i'd lay down my life for this.
you're soft and perfect like falling snow
maybe you're right. it's cold and i lay here alone.
i'm drowning in the moment, poisoned by the wanting to be with you.
and now the sky is falling.

Fields to Whisper
I could be with you forever and hold you as time slips through my hands.
As you blow your smile through fields to whisper, "I'm waiting, you know I am."
I watch you above me, your hair falling 'round me, waiting for your eyes to say,
"I know your thoughts, so quietly kiss me so no one will know we're awake."
And we're looking for Orion on a winter's night.
Light raindrops on a moon bathed lake.
Another bridge to cross, another kiss to conquer.
And a dance to call on the dawn.
You and I are warm together, wrapped tightly through the night.
We're springtime in the warbler's song as we kiss the cold goodbye.
You're beauty and a masterpiece, a priceless creation, every artist's dream.
I'm a poet with a golden tongue and my music is sacred for you are what I sing.

Waiting Here
I've been waiting here for such a long time.
You kept your distance. I kept you in my mind.
I know we're different. We'll work it out this time.
We close the distance when we close our eyes.
Now that I've got you here, I can almost breathe you.
I wonder what you've done to me.
Now I can see so clear.
Your touch, your lips, your light, your smile are everything I need.
Your lips like candy find their way to mine.
You make life sweeter as I taste your smile.
There's nothing like this to hold your body, your kiss
I breathe you deeper when we're close like this.
My heart is open wide.

Inside | Lyrics

Perfect Together
You can make me so mad sometimes.
When no one's listening you fall asleep to keep the army of lies.
I walk till I'm weary. And I move till I bend but I never complain.
You said you were sorry for all the doubt and the calling but I'd do it again.
You don't want me to stay here and I don't want to go.
Now I can see that it's clear and now there's nothing you can do to take the feeling away.
How long till you believe that I belong right here?
How long till you can see we're perfect together?
Now that I know who I am, I know I'm nothing without you.
Now I know that you and me, we're perfect together.
After the last one, the hurt and the past gone I tell you again
That for me everything has to be so hard in the end.
You know I know that all the feelings are old and I never could change.
As if there were no more to beg for I sit and feel the words that you bend.

I could be alone with you. If you were all alone I'd be
Left alone with you forever.
Nothing you say is wrong to me. And I could sing along and you Could always steal from me whatever.
I'm sorry you need me
I'm all right believing
I'm ok, you're right
I'll stay
How to say you feel me make? The hardest part was the last mistake
Keep all the neighbor kids awake.
Something you do can make me see I'm not too tired or afraid to be
Something you think about forever.
You're right. And it's more than I can handle.
You're right. And I watch you laugh as you tie me up again.

Stay With Me
You open up my eyes with every little thing you do.
Dangerous and sweet I watch you move.
You're wild and alive and I'm left without a breath.
You keep me awake to tell me how you feel.
And I'm listening to you.
Stay with me you know you want to
Stay with me don't change your mind
Stay with me don't keep me waiting
Stay with me tonight
Running with the moon and falling with the rain
We're dancing out loud with all of our dreams.
There's nothing like a smile perfect on your lips
Stay with me, I'm better like this.
And I watch the way you move. I love the way you move.
I won't try to change a thing.
You'll find you're fine in spite of me.
Isn't this the good life, the one I tried to find?
I want to be a part of your life you fit so well in mine.
And I watch the way you move. I love the way you move.

Maybe I'm afraid. The sun brings back the fear of turning away.
And I, I've been blind. I've lost again to time.
I can taste the quiet. Feeling for the word you left behind,
I walk again. I'm unkind. I won't forget this time.
And it's all I can do.
I'm alone and the road is dark.
At least I know where I belong.
Here I am looking out to you. You tell me who I am and beckon,
"Follow me." To the darkest hour. The darkest place.
Fear that never touched your face.
The waves, they pull me down.
I saw you yesterday. The sun burned to light your face.
I'm innocent. And I, I'm unkind. I won't forget this time.
And it's all I can do.
You might say I've gone too far. At least I know where I belong.
And then I come back to you again.
You say that I'll be strong when I can understand
The things I need. The words you said.
I've left behind this life I've led.
I've done all I can.
Is this the way you let me know
I was wrong to think we were stronger than stone?
Can you forgive my giving up?
Was it enough for me?
I can see me coming home again.

Although John's been abandoned, he still visits me
To talk about life while fishing the stream
He walks in his sandals and ties his own flies
He knows that they're perfect and proudly he smiles.
"Ten and two. And again. Let her dance. It's all about patience."
Why are you still here? Why are you so strange?
I am over the difference. I want you to stay.
Why believe me? Your life you lose in the seeking.
Why are we still here? Are we that strange?
I am a tyrant with an army of lies.
John lives it simple and keeps it inside.
In anger I'm bleeding you slowly untied
I fall on the bank till I sunburn and die.

We are the fire destroying ourselves
And what we don't understand.
I'm a poor man with a mind full of change
And I laugh out loud to see you smile.
Clever words and pretty faces
Are what they use to lead us away.
I'm awake to fill my senses
And I laugh out loud at what we say.
I am hope. I believe.
I am alive. I am everything
I have come to take these chances
I wonder when things will go my way.
I was born to live my life
And no one tells me who I am.
Calloused hands sow independence.
Turn around to see your face.
Take your stand and sing your protest
And laugh out loud and dance away.
Who's awake? Who's pretending?
We all have something to keep us down.
Help pull the weight and I remember.
To laugh out loud at what we say.
Maybe now's the perfect time to keep my confidence alive.
I wonder if I'll ever find the easy way to dull the mind.
I'm living like a kid again another way to tear the skin.
And no one's here to tell me who I am.