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The Elm Tree     The Elm Tree Lyrics     Buy

Inside       Braver Days       Merry White Tree In the Night


Cracked and cold
And I
Watch it leave your hand

We walk
The shore
Your hands are cold
A smile
Never left your mouth

And the sun's tired
From holding off the night
It breaks
And falls
And sets in your eyes

And this night rising
Knows us too well
We stand and find

Sky Cold
We stand alone
And looking back
I see where we went right.

I'm holding on

Cracked and cold
And I'm

Give Up on Me

Was it that hard to give up on me?
Did it come easy leaving me here?
Did you have to think twice?
Did you have to think at all?

You feign a knowing smile
No one will figure out
The furtive songs
That fall from your mouth

You're giving up before the storm
Cause you haven't won before
So take off your gloves
And nurse your bloody thumbs

I'm letting go
Of all the things that I'm not
And all of this is my fault

Pious and mighty
You led my surrender
There was no going back

Tired and broken
I've exhumed the truth here
And now I'm getting out

And you're pelting me with doubt
Then begging me to stay
But I cannot sustain
This self-destructive phase

This fight has been so hard
For us to keep apart
Old resentments
Tear bitter hearts

And you come back for recompense
Too late
We are gone and broken

Give what you had then
And when you might fade give again


Sunday you called and I lied
And you ran from the apartment.
I know sometimes
I thought I'm everything you'd ever need and everything you want in life.

I never had to think about somebody else beside myself.

I need this more than I ever thought I would.
I need you to be here you know you know you know

I feign a smile, you cry
And you tell me that it's over
And all this time
I thought I'm everything you'd ever need and everything you want in life

It's hard enough just waking up
How can I sleep without you?

You stand in line. I call
But you step onto the Greyhound.
I know sometimes
I think I'm everything you'd ever need and everything you want in life

Mistakes and Stowaways

I close my eyes in the waning light
Where mistakes and stowaways are eager to hide
I'm here alone
You know you were right
I've just got to get through tonight

Home where peace and hope belies
A hallway of memories that echoes unkind
Angry and tired
Lost and maligned
I just want to get through tonight
I want to make it through

The greatest divide holds the brave and the quiet
And these bullets of doubt leave me wounded inside
I hold the blame for the tears that you cry
But I'm going to make it through
I'm going to make it through

I close my eyes in the morning light
Ashes of better days are harder to find
Caught by the wind abandon the fire
I just want to get through tonight
I want to make it through

Lonely Grave

Death came easy to a friend of mine
When all his memories inhumed
His will for a good time beneath our brother elm
And his sorrows were broken by you

I won't sell my soul down river
And I won't give up without a fight
I'll go dancing to the lonely grave
If it means I'm staying with you tonight

I'll step over when I'm set to go
For now I'm taking my time
Tasting the earth in a golden, ripened pear
And leaving my sorrow behind

I would wrangle the devil himself
If it means I'm staying with you
I know I'll miss you
If I can't stay with you tonight

The Elm Tree | Lyrics

Honest Ground

Gray silence up ahead
And a highway of time
You're blue and trembling
From the walls we have to climb

Take these words I give you now
Hold me up 'til we get out
Plant my feet on honest ground

And the light comes tumbling
Through holes in our lives
Our hands find strength
From a sun we thought had died

We start out fine
But this heart tears every time
Throw the doubt to the fire

Your brown eyes settle me
From the fear in mine
This hand you're offering
Well, it comes as no surprise

And we shine

We Fall Back

We fall back to each other
And somehow you found me
Black pen in hand
You lifted words
So weighed down and lonely

You're not afraid

We turn ourselves into gold
When we can we fall back
And turn our hearts where we go
And somehow
We fall back

I understand why
The tumult died now that I want you for my own
There's no retreating
From the line that fell tonight now you are my home

We fall back to each other
And somehow you love me

You're not afraid
So I'm not afraid

The Hard Way

Your conversation
Fills these walls
I know. I know. I can't believe this
We should jump before we fall.

Your communication
Coded and classified

I give you hints where hints are hard to follow and build up a home

I found out the hard way
That this life is made up of the moments that pass us by
I'm here for this moment with you
And I won't let it go

These lines are showing
The years you had to know
There's so much to do so much to leave for
And we stumble through it all

This path is beaten
But I won't look down

I follow creases where the lines are pointing and build up a home

I see now the slow drought that dried up my bones
I slow down to enjoy the road that leads me home.

My hands are ready
Though burdened and heavy
Instead of complaining
I'm leaving them dirty

A moment to steady
I'm willing and ready
To hold you up now

I'm through retreating
Regretting, defeating
No more misleading
I'm happy you're breathing

As long as you're willing
I'll love you out loud

Keep It All Inside

Leaves are dry and marigold beneath our feet
Above our heads a subtle blue
We lay in silence so this silence is our bed
Cinnamon and earth we breathe
We breathe
And I keep it all inside

We climb these branches bending to our weight
I find the safest way into your arms
If I'm doing well you're pulling more than they would know
Who could ever fell this tree?
Of you and me

I keep it all inside
No one sees the beauty in an ordinary life
The days are turning into sleepless nights
But I keep it all inside

I can walk this silence with a brave face
So no one has to feel the weight I feel
This isn't giving up it's knowing when to let it go
I would never give up on you.
I forgive you

These limbs are bare now
With no signs of green
The promise of a new day
Blossoms underneath

We keep it all inside
Flowers of the mourning paint an ordinary life
The days are turning into sleepless nights
But I keep it all inside


You take to flight
Collapse inside
Pretend you might be stronger
And counterfeit a smile

You've made it through
Your last excuse
It's hard enough to stand up
Without constant reproof

Forget the nights that haunt you
Through all your days of sorrow
And fill your bones with courage

How can you prove
You've made it through
Without the pain of falling
And no one here for you

Come back around
Don't make this harder on yourself
When you're down I'll build you up