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Braver Days

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Liner Notes
All songs written and performed by Kirby Heyborne
Produced by Nathan DeVore
Executive Producers: Christian Vuissa and Kirby Heyborne
Engineered & mixed by Nathan DeVore at Iso Studios.
Mastered by Glen Glancy at OMNI Mastering
Background vocals on "Through the Door" by Trisha Heyborne
Album Design and Cover Art by Christian Vuissa
Photography by Leslie Sundquist at Baci Photography
Thank you Christian and Ellen; you make me feel important.
Thank you Trish; you inspire, enchant, and amuse.
Published by Kirby Heyborne
Copyright 2006 Kirby Heyborne and Braver Days, LLC
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

Album Notes
The songs on this CD are about taking chances and finding the courage to be better. After listening, you may feel motivated to forgive a brother, realize how great your family is, or take the leap of faith that you have been avoiding for a long time.

I think with each year that passes, we learn more about life and how we fit into it. I believe that a song already exists and is waiting for the right time and the right person to find it. The music for the songs on "Braver Days" came first and then (when I was ready) the words found their way home.

Every song will say what it needs to say to each listener. I have included some interesting bits of information on each:

I finished writing the songs in this order:

Summer Sun
Beautiful Inside
Through the Door
Blushing Through
Hold On
Brown Eyes
Tying Our Lives
Where do we go?

Toward the end of recording, I got a cold. I was spending every day and night in the studio. There was going to be one more song on the album, but while recording the vocals for it, I lost my voice.

Now I'll get out of the way and let these songs become yours. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening.


Album Tracks